When the left hand knows what the right hand is doing

Day 8? I think. Its finally clicking.

Its actually making sense on a level that it never has before. I have more than a few certificates stating that I passed c++ courses. None of them mean I can code “hello, world” without a great deal of googling. I can pass the tests, but it just doesn’t take. But this time it feels assailable.

I was one of those people who had to take everything part and see how it works. Many, many times these things did not go back together. Sometimes I broke things, sometimes I couldn’t figure them out, but so many times I would repurpose their guts for other uses.

I’ve fixed and modded hundreds of millions of dollars of professional audio gear. I’ve designed and built quite a few circuits, none really groundshaking, but certainly did the jobs they were meant to solve. It really probably wouldn’t seem to an outsider like I would have so much trouble programming computer software, but them’s the breaks. Me and machines do well together. Me and languages not so much.

I’ve spent so much of our precious meeting times trying to get the instructor to explain nuts and bolts of these languages. I feel bad doing it, but the insane desire to know and to understand, the thing that had me flipping over every board in the desert, on the off chance some cool new animal I had never seen before would pop out, and usually “rewarded” with a rattlesnake or confused scorpion, has me tearing up our brief group meeting times with questions about the hows and whys.

They are slowly coming into focus as a machine. As resistors, capacitors, tubes, inductors, knobs, knobs everywhere! I can see it. Variables are just potentiometers. Communicating between scripts takes a drill, some jacks and a soldering iron. Matching components just needs a look through a reference guide. Yes, it is a daunting task to build something like a Neve 8068 from scratch, but it can be done. I can do these things.

The focus has sat me down in an intense keyboard frenzy. Its sat me down so long that I actually hurt my back. What? I spend hours of my days flying thru the air, daring the concrete to seal my teeth from me, to drain my blood or crush my bones. And I’m hurt by a chair?

Yup….never thought I’d EVER be so old as to buy a chair, but after sitting in the exact same place for hours, going to war with this code for days on end, its time to set up the environment. Old man, you gotta be an old folk and buy a chair. Like old people.

Yet again ergonomics, but I wouldn’t need ergonomics if I still couldn’t figure this out, and I am finally feeling like I am figuring it out. Let’s hope I catch up!



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