Syntax Errors vs Logic Errors

Its one thing to get red squigglies in visual studio, or a warning that you must fix all compiler errors before pressing play in Unity. Its a whole ‘nother thing to have all systems appear green to go and then launch brings you an o-ring failure.

Maybe one day programming will include ways for the IDE itself to suggest ways to give you the desired outcome. Probably by then it will just program itself anyway. We’re right back to the idea that good programmers are good at giving instructions. Just basic instructions. Anyone can tell you how to walk from a to b, but it takes a good instruction writer to deal with all the “what if’s” when the destination is a package that keeps moving through a dynamic environment.

The futility of trying to write universal, one size fits all, works in every situation moral codes or legal standards or economic models shows just how difficult even a simple computer program can be to take likely factors into account.

All that said, why isn’t my double jump working???

The script seems correct

I don’t seem to have any red lines, the values seem the same as in the tutorial, no errors or warnings. I’ve moved the orders of execution around to see what that shakes up and no real revelations.

The variables in the inspector seem correct

This seems like a great opportunity to hone my code troubleshooting skills, but I don’t even know what I don’t know at this point.