Programming without code

I am happily moving along, quickly as I can, though getting stuck on the fiddly bits and especially,



Plagued by some bugs in Unity that seem to have been there for years.

The timeline automation doesn’t seem to be storing all of its transform parameters when you write automation. I could see how this might be thought of as saving some processing power, but it means, for instance, that you could change position and rotation from an earlier snapshot point where you only changed position. Now when you play it back, the last updated rotation starts from the beginning, toasting all your shots.


I wonder, with my new barely there programming knowledge if I could create a script to refresh every single transform parameter every time you want to print an automation point. Come to think of it, this whole, “move the thing away then back to create a snapshot” seems suicidal as well. Perhaps we could have a trigger burst, like we use for MIDI Learn in our AutoEngage plugin

But who cares about any of that? The real news is that we watched a presentation today where an insanely functional and detailed spaceship looking thing was made almost entirely in the unity editor without coding. He showed bit by bit what went into the meticulous abilities of this thing and so much of it was right there, exposed in the Unity editor itself!

THIS is a big deal for me. It means that my plans for where my audio programming is going can be very very much done by me (hopefully) without bugging out c++ coders until we really really need them. Freeing them for the things they do best, while Unity can do so much of the functionality and interfacing we’re looking for.

I can’t wait to get started and so much is mapping out in my mind as I write this! I know I need to keep grinding away on the course as every day some new possibility enters the picture.

So excited to create the next evolution in audio engineering. Thanks to a game creation class.