Off come the training wheels

Clyde Carey
2 min readNov 21, 2020

Last few days I have moved into the Framework and Core Programming sections of Unity education. There is no longer an explanation video of how you could have solved the challenges…Now its up to me!

And of course, by “me” I mean me, google, Discord, the REAPER community, my engineering groups and the forums.

Note the lack of inclusion of the Unity manual. It really feels like that thing assumes much more knowledge to the point where, if you had the knowledge to actually make use of it, you’d already know it all anyway.

I had several problems to tackle, but I eventually found a way thru each now. Maybe not the most elegant, but certainly working!

I got the screen shake!

Ammo counter.

Ammo refill collectible.


Shield levels and switching, which I would still like to add sounds for.

Health collectable.

Something not part of the requirements, but I spent quite a lot of time figuring how to switch background music based on game events, which you will see here.

And something almost as cool and definitely fun (yet so amazingly frustrating), an attempt at the Itano Circus…Macross missiles flying nice and erratic like.

Not quite here but I’m trying!

I got some new enemy movement going and destructible powerups.

I am still under a cloud of confusion, but I mostly can find what I need now and can probably finish the 2D course without any real handholding from the instructors (famous last words).

I’m now trying to work more Unity-centric if that makes sense. I’ve been fighting as hard as I could to do everything thru the scripting/programming in c# itself, but that’s really the wrong philosophy in unity, apparently, which makes itself known more and more.

So down with the c# courses and up with the Unity tutorials