…and still had time for a most productive day of software!

Tonight, as I often do, I ran two bands thru my regular audio recording chain, but livestreamed it as a show. For years, I have been streaming recording education, various how to-s, soldering adventures and pretty much anything audio related that I was doing live at the time. This pandemic put me in a special place, having been doing this very thing for so long, and its great to give back to the music community who is starving to play, for fans starving to see anything resembling live music.

The software being used tonight, REAPER Digital Audio Workstation, is pretty much my claim to fame in the audio software world. I had actually become a known quantity earlier on for other software, like impulses, and especially pioneering the use of impulse responses AS speaker simulators, which is a whole industry now, but like every other endeavor I embark upon, I never really do the business side. And today of course I have aiXDSP to be proud of, but I’ve been a part of a lot lot lot lot more audio industry software than most know about.

I’ve always been interested in tools that get you OUT of thinking about the tool itself. Always trying for the quickest path between what you hear in your head, and actually making that sound come out of the speakers in front of you. What types of gizmos can I make, so that the recording process becomes more than just an extension of your body but something you can actually think “in” rather than think about.

And there we are in software. I want to be able to think in code. I don’t want to think about syntax, or rules. I want to apply propositional logic and other tools to make things happen intuitively with programming. I’m far from there, but today, I felt a little like that solder jockey 30 years ago, running for food and making coffee for the likes of Rick Rubin, Max Norman, and John Hampton.

There’s a lot of cleanup to do, and tons of better ways to do it, but today in core programming, I got a working version of:

New Enemy Movement
Player Ammo
Wave System
Negative Pickup
Aggressive Enemy Type
Enemy Pickups
Pickup Collect
Homing Projectile

and Avoid Enemy Shot!

Despite days where I really feel down in the dumps about progress, today really felt like I was getting places, and the code just came flowing out….I can’t give a lecture in this language yet, but I can certainly ask where the restroom is.

And especially understand the answer people would give to the question.