I don’t know what awake means

For some reason, “Play on awake” does not want to work as you would expect. It plays regardless of being triggered or not. Jonathan said a few sentences about it being because it had a playable controller or activation script on it, but I am still quite confused.

I know I’m like a stuck record on this, but getting good info on it was not a simple LMGTFY. I came across a few ways around the issue but no really solid understanding of why. I may forever be at a loss with Unity’s paradigms. Just like in the keyframes issues, every time I try one of the official tutorials or check into how the power users do things, the workflow could only ever be enhanced, and not hurt by adopting industry standard practices (like the bleedingly obvious “Drop Keyframe” shortcut.

I keep saying we have left the information age and entered the Hype Dynasty.

One of the biggest problems lately isn’t just that the noise to signal ratio in google or youtube has become unmanageable, but that actual experts are completely drowned out on forums and social media. When someone asks a technical question, they require a technical answer, not a sermon or a moral judgement.

On one of my first few shows, me and Phil Zeo discussed this very thing and its sad that people would rather get to the point of gaslighting rather than just saying “I don’t know” or maybe just not saying anything at all.


In other news, we have some major updates on the Dynamic EQ and hopefully it will be released shortly. One of the biggies came from acoustician and general Brain Trust member Scott Veenstra which was the addition of a meter showing the key signal level. I love these Quality Of Life type enhancements, especially when they are so cheap to implement!