Got my Second Audio Plugin running in Unity!

In yesterday’s news, I was able to get our upcoming Dynamic EQ audio plugin running in Unity. At least the audio engine and its control’s, but last night I was able to get the GUI up and running finally! Proud proud moment!

I kept going, pouring thru the net to find the tiny tablescraps of documentation that exists (or at least that isn’t completely obfuscated by google at this point) and was eventually able to get our very first product, Multi Band Gate running in Unity as well!

I still need to figure out how to create the plugin package and a Unity Asset Store friendly installer as well, but we should be on the way.

Many of our plugins have a heavy reliance on sidechains, and that is still something I am having a hard time finding if its even possible in Unity. Perhaps there is a much, much bigger project of a Unity DAW I should be looking at?

Multi Band Gate was actually a plugin I had been mocking up and implementing in various forms such as REAPER’s JesuSonic plugin format for more than a decade, and always holding onto while I worked with developers on other products.

I tried over and over to learn enough c++, but it always eluded me, until getting the programmers in aiXdsp

The basic concept and reason for MBG’s existence is the ever present war between cymbals and tom mics. For the recording engineer, cymbals will bleed into the tom mics so badly that often, the cymbals will be louder than the toms in the tom mics themselves! This is exacerbated by poor drum playing, bad drum setup, they types of mics Troo Beliebers usually choose for toms (421, yeah I said it), poor songwriting writing and a host of other factors.

Multiband gate lets you set a different attack, hold and release for low frequencies, mid frequencies and hi frequencies. You can have the gate open quickly on the high end for the THWACK of the stick, then shut it immediately before the cymbals make a horrific, muddy, bloody mess of your mix. At the same time you can open the low end gate slow enough that it won’t click or glitch, and leave it open for that long booooooooooooooooooooommmmmm that you hear when engineers use sample replacement on the toms.

For more on Multi Band Gate, it has been featured on the biggest recording studio channels on YouTube and then some. Feel free to check it out.

Warren Huart’s Produce Like a Pro:

Glenn Fricker’s show:

Joshua Lopez’ Widowmaker Studio:

Trey’s Gear Gods

Simon Larkin:

And piles and piles and piles of others



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