We’ve left the Information Age and entered into the Hype, Spam, Clickbait, Sleazy MLM marketing Age

Whoa be unto you if you are making science videos or websites. For example. Or factual, not hype based nonsense, audio engineering posts.

I go ballistic on forums I mod if I see someone LMGTFY to a new user. Google is NOT the specific information powerhouse it used to be just a few years ago. It is a curated set of (seemingly mostly) advertisements and ranked results according to the specific politics of google employees and (again seemingly) some paid ranking positions. All that boiling down to that specific keyword searches that worked very recently, will return nothing but ads and hype gibberish today.

All this bloviating was really to point out that people are thinking “you just aren’t googling hard enough, there MUST be a sensible way to handle keyframes in Unity”

Well no, not really, not that I can find.

What I can find is massive pushback from the developers and many users on why we don’t need a command to add a keyframe.