and some redemption.

The last thing you want to see. Bits of red shrapnel all over as you epic fail with git.

I thought I understood how to get back to an earlier commit, but I was totally mistaken and wrecked a few hours of work. Against my own advice of “if it aint backed up in three places, it don’t exist”, I tried to “revert” without really knowing what that meant. Or that these cryptic jargonites always name things wrong. Dreadfully wrong.

I got to do some digging, did a “checkout” but had a “detached head” and so had to save to a new branch.

YES its certainly time to learn sourcetree, or anything besides this horrid thing. Git or git desktop just feels like archaic pain.

When I finally thought I had my files back, I did a merge back to main. Put 5 or 6 hours in and then realized that the merge hadn’t actually worked and piles of my changes were toast.

BUT! I fought it for a while and happy to report that I’m sort of back in the game.

Darren may be floating, and the guards may have the jitters, but the cameras are switching and the characters are moving!