Monday the 28th is supposed to be the last day of our program, learning Unity and C# programming.


When did officially every mean anything to me?

We’ve been given a vehicle towards understanding and I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off.

While there is a bit of a somber mood around the internship, many of us have found a way to stay in touch and even more may be starting some business adventures together. This program has shown opportunities even for our existing products that I had been previously completely unaware of.

Potentially HUGE opportunities.


I’ve long been doing my best to start learning how to give instructions. To really describe tasks in detail. To really find ways of explaining the nature of nouns and the functions of verbs. Even with simpler programming languages aimed at Digital Signal Processing in blocks, I’ve traditionally had a very hard time with even rather simple flow of operations. Even something as seemingly simple as a ping pong delay has been rather elusive.

slider1:0<0,13000,1>Delay (ms) (0=tempo sync)
slider2:-5<-120,6,1>Feedback (dB)
slider3:0<-120,6,1>Mix In (dB)
slider4:-6<-120,6,1>Output Wet (dB)
slider5:0<-120,6,1>Output Dry (dB)
slider6:0<0,100,1>Ping-Pong Width (%)
slider7:0.25<0.0625,4,0.0625>Tempo Sync (fraction of whole note)

in_pin:left input

Its one thing to get red squigglies in visual studio, or a warning that you must fix all compiler errors before pressing play in Unity. Its a whole ‘nother thing to have all systems appear green to go and then launch brings you an o-ring failure.

Maybe one day programming will include ways for the IDE itself to suggest ways to give you the desired outcome. Probably by then it will just program itself anyway. We’re right back to the idea that good programmers are good at giving instructions. Just basic instructions. …

As I work my way through the course, the entire career path, of which I had no idea when I started this journey, of audio plugins for Unity continues to occupy a lot of my time. I am about as confused as I ever was.

Little to no documentation: as is so often the case, especially given Google’s abandonment of the information game, details about how (or even IF) any of this works are very thin. Only through forum posts on mostly unrelated topics was I able to even get an install going. I still have no idea if there…

There are still some camera glitches and quite a few logic errors, but this thing is just about done and I will be moving onto the c# Survival Guide for a bit.

I keep speaking about the imprecision of working in the Unity editor when it comes to sizing, placement and repeatability. It may be operator error, but I can’t really find a way around it. If you’ve ever used Cubase or Pro Tools and wanted to move waveforms around quickly and precisely, you’ll get an idea what the philosophy of the Unity editor is like. …

Today, our team fought together to try and nip some logic errors out. It wasn’t necessarily a syntax thing, though, if we had the language down better




…the rules of Unity down better, we could have nailed it. We could definitely describe what we wanted, and in general what the problem was, as well as what could fix it. At least in English. But translating that to Unity and especially understanding why a plain reading of the situation was not having the predicted results was daunting.

We had an experienced programmer have a look at it and…

As Adrenaline O.D. or Rico’s Roughnecks said it, “Bugs, BUGS!!!”

Bringing back the early memories of the DAW days “did you close and reopen the program yet?” Inconsistent glitches are a constant annoyance. How many times in the tutorials did we see Unity stop responding or working properly requiring a restart?

I understand bugs. I accept that they are a fact of life and will always be part of the ecosystem even under the best of conditions.

But holy hell man!

Its hard to know, maybe it will be an instinct that comes with time, but I sure as…

…through all the noise.

In audio engineering one of THE cardinal parameters is signal to noise ratio, or the level of desired sounds compared to the undesired sounds. Technically, noise is a pretty specific thing, but I have zero issues with the concept being applied to something like cymbals bleeding into the tom tom microphones as well.

This is where we are with information. Type something BASIC about nearly any technical subject. Five years ago, it was very likely that you would hit upon a technical society that catalogs this information, some forums dedicated to that information, some websites of…

For some reason, “Play on awake” does not want to work as you would expect. It plays regardless of being triggered or not. Jonathan said a few sentences about it being because it had a playable controller or activation script on it, but I am still quite confused.

I know I’m like a stuck record on this, but getting good info on it was not a simple LMGTFY. I came across a few ways around the issue but no really solid understanding of why. I may forever be at a loss with Unity’s paradigms. Just like in the keyframes issues…

We’ve left the Information Age and entered into the Hype, Spam, Clickbait, Sleazy MLM marketing Age

Whoa be unto you if you are making science videos or websites. For example. Or factual, not hype based nonsense, audio engineering posts.

I go ballistic on forums I mod if I see someone LMGTFY to a new user. Google is NOT the specific information powerhouse it used to be just a few years ago. It is a curated set of (seemingly mostly) advertisements and ranked results according to the specific politics of google employees and (again seemingly) some paid ranking positions. …

Clyde Carey

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