50% There and Starting Over

I finally reached 50% of the first assignment, not quite getting thru the recommended two sections a day. Getting there was an absolute struggle to stay awake and to stay focused. I am not the information exchange I once was, but when it comes to programming, I never was. Decades of trying to learn programming, whether Basic or c++ or even useful amounts of Autohotkey. ONE solitary Jesusonic Plugin to really show for anything, and Justin Frankel had to beat that one into me. And now C#…Ouch. Though I really think I am syncing with Unity, somewhat.

It ain’t much to look at, but it took something that was such an evil drain on resources, time and sanity in meatspace and turned it into an effortless couple of clicks

I am very effective as tech support. As a software and science evangelist. Even an educator. But I struggle as a leader, and by extension, as an instruction giver. I’ve seen over the years that great programmers are great at giving instructions. Maybe that’s my Achilles’ Heel. But its never really stopped me. I keep trying to learn and keep getting into the company of the best coders I can find, so that work still gets done.

I’ve always believed that you never really know anything until you explain it to someone else. Unfortunately for me, my favorite subjects, programming, Digital Signal Processing, audio engineering, and even herpetology, are not really the sort of subject the average person wants explained to them, so its always been IRC, forums, the guy selling soldering irons, or other crazy people driving thru barely recognizable roads thru the desert that were my peers.

What peace and tranquility look like

Some concepts are sticking, some aren’t. So tonight and thru the weekend, I am going to go back to the beginning of this course, start it fresh, and hit it much harder and see just how much sticks the second time around. By Monday I hope to be back and further than I am now. Here’s to 66.6%.